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Charlie's Website

Welcome to Charlie's website!

This website will teach you about the person creating this website who's name is Charlie VP.

I have personally been into how computers and stuff work, but I was never really good at coding and stuff; but here I am creating a website about myself. I want to work at Microsoft when I am an adult, and be either a computer scientist or a game developer, because Microsoft makes games. I am also an introvert, and i wish that COVID-19 will end; yes, to all the future people that read this, I made this sentence on November 24, 2020. I like to play video games with my online friends after school since I can't legally go see my other friends in person. If I know how to use HTML, CSS, or Java Script, I think I can probably be decent at creating Video Games. I would like to get a degree in computer science at the University of Washington, and I want to be done with college by age 25. I am 12 years old at the time I am writing this, so it is going tro be another 13 years, I am hoping for anyways. My goal is to have at least $200,000 dollars in my savings account by the time I am 35, so I can afford some of the things I am dreaming of, like owning a McLaren for example. I want to live in the Bellevue area when I am an adult so I won't be too far away from my work. I also want to get married in my thirties and maybe have a kid. That is a little autobiography about Charlie VP. By the way, VP stands for Van Parys. Most people mess up the pronounciation so Van-Parris.